Qingdao Handuck Apparel Inc.

Established Year Apr, 2004
Closed year June.2016
Land Area 3,800 sq.m.
Total Sewing Line 2 Lines
Total Employee 200 Workers
Sewing Machine 178 Machineries related to manufacture (100% of Sewing Machines are JUKI )
Monthly Production Capacity 50,000pcs(Full Taped Non-Iron POST CURE Shirts)
Yearly Production Capacity 600,000pcs(Full Taped Non-Iron POST CURE Shirts)
Production Item Men’s Woven Dress & Sports shirts, Woven Ladies shirts.
Full taped non-iron shirts both of Post cure by Garment Dipping & Pre cure with LA+MC Finished Fabrics
Address Qingdao Export Processing Zone, Chengyang District,Qingdao, China
Tel 86-532-87828868
Fax 86-532-87828878