COMPANY NAME Universal Apparel Co., Ltd
Year Established Aug, 2010 (Years in Business : 8 Years )
Plottage 11,489 sq.m.
Number Of Sewing Line 15 Lines (8Line : Non-Iron Shirts, 5Line: Normal Shirts, 1Line:Pyjama, 1Line:Knit)
Number Of Workers 1,800 Workers
Sewing Machine 989 Machineries related to manufacture (100% of Sewing Machines are JUKI )
Monthly Production Capacity 125,000pcs(Full Taped Non-Iron PRE CURE Shirts), 125,000pcs(Normal Shirts)
Yearly Production Capacity 1,500,000pcs(Full Taped Non-Iron PRE CURE Shirts), 1,500,000pcs(Normal Shirts)
Products Woven men’s & Boy’s dress & Sports shirts, Woven ladies shirts.
Knit men’s & Boy’s dress & Sports shirts, Knit ladies shirts.
Full taped non-iron PRECURE Shirts with LA+MC finished Fabric.
Woven Men’s & Ladies Pyjama
Address No.24, Plot No.6, Thaung Gyi North, Ngwe Pin Lae Industrial zone Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel 95-9-613588